濱田 晋|あたりまえのことたちへ Ⅱ / Shin HAMADA | atarimae・no・kototachie Ⅱ
February 27th - April 4th, 2021


*English follows Japanese

Open Letterでは、2021年2月27日より写真家 濱田晋さんの個展『あたりまえのことたちへⅡ』を開催いたします。(事前予約制となります。)



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濱田晋『あたりまえのことたちへⅡ』 展覧会概要

・会期:2021 年 2 月 27 日(土) – 4 月 4 日(日)
・営業時間:毎週土曜日、日曜日 11:00 – 17:00
・入場料:¥500 ※児童、近隣の方は無料
・キービジュアル デザイン:山野英之


渋谷 Ⅰ渋谷 Ⅰ

Left: 調布 / Chofu,  Right: 上野 / Ueno



Left: 空き地 / Vacant, Right: 帰路 / Return


Left: 足元 Ⅰ / At my feet Ⅰ, Right: 時間Ⅱ / Time Ⅱ


Left: 石4. / Stone 4., Right: 石5. / Stone 5.

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濱田晋 Shin Hamada
1987年 兵庫県生まれ。 主にポートレイト・ドキュメンタリー・取材の分野で撮影を行う。
ウェブサイト / Instagram


2020「岩・紙・風」(Utrecht, 東京)
2019「あたりまえのことたちへ」(ON SUNDAYS, 東京) 
2018「Looking at different things / Doing the same thing」(READAN DEAT, 広島)
2017 企画グループ展「スイッチイナウト」(ROOM412, 東京)
2017「FIGHT FOR MY RIGHT」(About Life Coffee Brewers, 東京)
2017「Practice of thinking 思考の練習」(Utrecht, 東京)
2016「それから and then」(ON READING, 愛知)
2016「それから and then」(NEW ACCIDENT, 金沢)
2015「それから and then」(みどり荘, 東京)


2020「岩・紙・風」(self publishing)
2018「Looking at different things / Doing the same thing」(白い立体)
2017「Practice of thinking 思考の練習」(BURNING PAPE®︎)
2015「それから and then」(BYONE PRESS)

Open Letter is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by photographer Shin Hamada, “atarimae・no・kototachie Ⅱ,” starting February 27, 2021. (Advance reservations are required.)

Mr. Hamada, who says that “the act of taking a photograph is a life attitude itself,” does not adhere to any particular motif or technique, but captures the casual scenery of everyday life, such as buildings in the light of day, the interior of a family restaurant, and pebbles lying at his feet.
These photographs, which are so anonymous, have a lightness that seems to melt into the viewer’s memory. At the same time, they seem to be a manifestation of Hamada’s flexible and steady attitude toward keep updating his own place in the world by continuing to take photographs, or in other words, to keep his relationship with the world, as a “natural thing (atarimae・no・koto)”.

This exhibition is the second version of the “atarimae・no・kototachie” exhibition held at On Sundays in 2019. New works from ceramic-like sculpture series exhibited at On Sundays will be displayed together with the photographic works.

The key visual for this exhibition is work in progress. Please stay tuned.
(The work at the beginning of this page is “Shibuya I.”)

Shin Hamada “atarimae・no・kototachie Ⅱ” Exhibition Outline

  • Dates: Saturday, February 27, 2021 – Sunday, April 4, 2021
  • Opening hours: Every Saturday and Sunday during the exhibition period, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Admission: ¥500 *Free for children and residents of the neighborhood
  • This exhibition requires advance reservations. Please register from the reservation calendar at the end of this page.
  • *The length of each reservation slot is one hour, and the maximum number of participants is three.

Artist Profile

Shin Hamada
Born in 1987 in Hyogo Prefecture. Main photograph work fields are in portraiture, documentary, and interview.
Website / Instagram


2020 “Rock, Paper, Wind” (Utrecht, Tokyo)
2019 “atarimae・no・kototachie” (ON SUNDAYS, Tokyo)
2018 “Looking at different things / Doing the same thing” (READAN DEAT, Hiroshima)
2017 “Switch Inout” (ROOM412, Tokyo)
2017 “FIGHT FOR MY RIGHT” (About Life Coffee Brewers, Tokyo)
2017 “Practice of thinking” (Utrecht, Tokyo)
2016 “sorekara and then”, ON READING, Aichi, Japan
2016 “sorekara and then” (NEW ACCIDENT, Kanazawa)
2015 “sorekara and then” (Midorisou, Tokyo)


2020 “Rock, Paper, Wind” (self publishing)
2018 “Looking at different things / Doing the same thing” (White Solid)
2017 “Practice of thinking” (BURNING PAPE®︎)
2015 “Then and then” (BYONE PRESS)


事前予約 / Visit reservation

  • 下記予約カレンダーでご希望の日時を選んでください。
  • 各予約枠は1時間、定員は3名となります。
  • 受付締切は、各予約枠の2時間前となります。
  • キャンセル受付は、予約枠の2時間前までとなります。