河合 浩|Forgotten Times

Yutaka Kawai | Forgotten Times
February 19th - March 20th, 2022


* English follows Japanese

Open Letter では、2 月 19 日(土)より、画家 河合浩さんの個展《Forgotten Times》を開催いたします。

2010 年代より本格的に絵画制作に取り組む河合さんは、制作と生活の場が一体となった古い一軒家で、膨大な量のドローイング、ペインティング作品を日々描き続けています。同時に、全国各地の書店やカフェ、ギャラリー等での展示に参加してきました。(2021 年の 1 年間だけでも 10 回以上の個展を開催しています)

茨城県の千年一日珈琲焙煎所にて 2021 年 12 月に開催された個展より


今回の Open Letter での展示は、河合さんのいつものカオティックな展示スタイルから少しステップバックして、彼の画業の営みを、過去作や立体作品なども交えながらすこし俯瞰して見れるものにできたらと思っています。ぜひご覧にいらしてください。


河合浩《Forgotten Times》展覧会概要

・2022 年 2 月 19 日(土) – 3 月 20 日(日)
・毎週土曜日、日曜日 11:00 – 17:00



河合 浩 / KAWAI Yutaka
画家。東京都出身、栃木県益子町在住。大きな古い一軒家で生活と制作が一緒になった日々を送り、全国各地で多数の個展を開催している。また、ミュージシャンのアルバムカバー、アパレル、雑誌のアートワークを手がける。過去の主な受賞には 「illustration」第209回 ザ・チョイス入選(大原大次郎選)(2019 年)、「illustration」第36回 ザ・チョイス年度賞入賞(2019年)。音楽関係の仕事では、Taiko Super Kicks ファーストアルバム「Many Shapes」ジャケットアートワーク制作、YUKI “trance/forme” TOUR2019アートブック「 PHANTASMAGORIA」アートワーク提供、SPECIAL OTHERS 7thアルバム 「WAVE」ジャケットアートワーク制作などがある。

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Yutaka Kawai solo exhibition “Forgotten Times”
February 19th – March 20th, 2020

Open Letter is pleased to announce “Forgotten Times,” a solo exhibition by artist Yutaka Kawai, starting February 19 (Sat).
* This exhibition requires advance reservations. Please make a reservation through this website.

Kawai-san has been working on painting in earnest since the 2010s, and continues to produce a vast amount of drawings and paintings on a daily basis in an old house where he lives and works. At the same time, he has been participating in exhibitions at bookstores, cafes, and galleries all over Japan. (In the year of 2021 alone, she has had more than 10 solo exhibitions.)

Kawai-san has been exhibiting and selling works that he can show at any given time, with no particular theme or concept in mind. He describes it as being similar to the way an indie band makes money by touring and writing songs every day, and drawing and showing his works can be said to be a way of life for him.

For this exhibition at Open Letter, we would like to take a step back from Kawai’s usual chaotic exhibition style, and give you a bird’s eye view of his artistic activities, including his past works and sculptures. Please come and see it.


Yutaka Kawai “Forgotten Times” Exhibition Outline

  • Date: February 19 (Sat) – March 20 (Sun), 2022
  • Open hours: Every Saturday and Sunday 11:00 – 17:00
  • Admission: ¥500 (free for children and our neighbors)
  • Advance reservation required: Please make a reservation through this website.


Artist Profile

KAWAI Yutaka
Painter. Born in Tokyo and lives in Mashiko-machi, Tochigi Prefecture. He lives and works in a big old house and has held many solo exhibitions all over Japan. He has also done artwork for musicians’ album covers, apparel, and magazines. In the past, he has won awards such as “illustration” 209th The Choice (selected by Daijiro Ohara) (2019) and “illustration” 36th The Choice Annual Award (2019). As for music-related work, he created the jacket artwork for Taiko Super Kicks’ first album “Many Shapes,” provided the artwork for the art book “PHANTASMAGORIA” for the YUKI “trace/forme” TOUR 2019, and created the jacket artwork for SPECIAL OTHERS’ 7th album “WAVE. 7th album “WAVE” jacket artwork.

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