Open Letterは、アートを通し「問い」をひらく場として2015年に渋谷でスタートしました。2017年に3331アーツ千代田に移転、その後は杉並区上北沢の古い一軒家をDIYで改装し、住まいとして暮らしながら2020年にリオープン。スローペースではありますが、プライベートとパブリックの境界を行き来するアートプロジェクトハウスとして、展示企画を中心に活動しています。



写真:濱田 晋

Open Letter started in Shibuya in 2015 as a place to open up “questions” through art, relocated to 3331 Arts Chiyoda in 2017, and then reopened in 2020 while living in an old house in Kamikitazawa, Suginami-ku, which we renovated as a DIY project. Although at a slow pace, we are active as an art project house that moves between the boundaries of private and public, focusing on exhibition planning.

In this space where daily life and exhibitions are connected, we hope to explore and share with you an art experience that goes beyond viewing and purchasing artworks.

We would be very happy if more and more people start to think and act in such a way that they not only interact with art as consumers, but also actively engage with art and the various people involved in art, and create such an environment themselves.

Photo: Shin Hamada